The Shuswap Lake is the heart of a region which is called "Shuswap Country" or simply "the Shuswap". The area is well known for its recreational cities and communities along the lake shore. One of them is a scenic place called Anglemont. With a shoreline of over 1000 km the lake is one southern British Clumbia's larger lakes. Because of its moderate climate, almost no humidity, warm summers and mild winters it is one of the most appreciated vacational areas not only for Europeans but also for Canadians and Americans. For its evergreen forests, breathtaking sceneries, clean air and crystal clear water visitors come back year by year.

The lake warms up to 25 to 28 °C in summertime, perfect for taking a bath, for swimming, snorkeling or water skiing. Without any restrictions you can run your Jet Ski, your sailing or motor boat. You'll also find numerous house boats on the lake.

Within only a 20 km radius around Anglemont along the beautiful lakeshore you find several shopping sites like smaller and a large supermarket. There are boutiques, gas stations, nice restaurants (one even floating on the lake), a beautiful pub, coffee houses & bistro, hardware stores, physician, barber ... you name it.

The city of Chase which is the nearest urban center is in a 30 minutes distance. After an hour you are either in the city of Salmon Arm or in Kamloops. Kamloops Airport provides regular daily flights to selected cities in the US and within Canada, for example to Vancouver or Calgary several times a day. Along perfectly wide highways you reach the city of Vancouver in just 5 hours (or in 4 hours if you are lucky and use a speeding camera detector).

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